The Official Michigan Boater Safety Handbook

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Rush Lake is a private spring-fed lake that covers approximately 130 acres.  It is a shallow lake by many standards with an average depth of five to six feet with some areas measuring a depth of approximately 15 feet.

There is a court order that enables the Association to set the height of the dam to insure no flooding takes place with lake front property owners.


 Our contractors are obligated to post notification signs on the property shorelines in areas that they treat with herbicides.  If your property is not affected by the herbicide treatments, you will not have signage posted on your property.Also note, that our contract with the weed harvesting company directs them to pick up floating weeds and cuttings.  Wind conditions can sometimes affect that process.  Our goal is that 95% of all cuttings are harvested and hauled away with their equipment.

Board member responsible for Lake management and improvement is Joe Grech.

Rush Lake Property Owners Association Lake Improvement