The boat launch is located in Hillside Park off of Junior Drive and the entrance is controlled by an electronic gate. The following guidelines will assist you in the operation of the gate.

  • The keys are similar to credit cards instead of conventional keys. This eliminates copying of the keys.

  • Your key has been issued to you permanently. Each year on December 31st, your key will be deactivated, which means it will no longer open the gate. The following year when your account is paid in full, your key will be reactivated and will then be capable of opening the gate again. 

  • Dues are payable only by mail or at a meeting. No dues will be accepted at a Board member's home

  • Do not wait until the last minute to pay your dues. We cannot make exceptions to these guidelines.

  • Keys will only be activated once a week. The Post Office box will be checked on Thursday afternoon and anyone having a balance paid in full at that time will be activated. 

  • Please feel free to call if you want to know if we have received your payment and your key has been activated.

  • An additional advantage to this type of key is the card reader also provides a record of activity.

  • Owners are responsible for their boats whether they are occupied or not.

  • If you observe any unsafe boating on the lake, call 911

Boat launch Keys

Rush Lake Parks and Boat Launch information

There are three lake side parks for all residents to use and enjoy.  Each park has a sandy beach swim area that is protected by a seawall For everyone's use and enjoyment, there are permanent benches and tables installed.  . In an effort to keep our parks clean and sanitary--a new improvement is the installation of dog clean up stations.  Pet owners are required to clean up after their dogs and these stations assist in that effort.

Starting in late spring and continuing until the Fall season, the grass is mowed and maintained.  A spring clean up of leaves and debris is also undertaken by our association.  Similar to 2014, we will have garbage pickup from late May thru the summer and early fall season as well as the "port a pot" facilities. 

​Board members responsible for overseeing our parks are Fred Clough and Lois Pescia.

New members must contact our association hotline to receive their key.  

Lost keys will be replaced for a $15 fee.

​Keys are activated once a week once payment has been received. ​