Road grading and maintenance

All dirt roads in the association are maintained thru out the entire year.  During spring until late fall, roads are graded, dust controlled chloride treatments applied and gravel added to maintain good conditions.

Rush Lake Road, Chambers and Pettysville are county roads and thus are maintained by the county road commission.  M-36 is a state road and maintained by the State Highway Commission. The roads of Moon Shadows are maintained by the Moon Shadows Association. Our association contracts for road grading, snow plowing and dust control.

During the winter months the roads are cleared of snow once we have an accumulation of three inches or more.  

Sand is provided as several locations within the association if the property owner needs sand for their driveway or approach areas.

Homeowners are asked to keep mail box areas clear to allow the US Postal service access for mail delivery.

On an annual basis, tree trimming contractors are hired to clear out areas that affect visibility and over hanging branches.

Board member responsible for the roads is Pam Sevonty.