All dirt roads in the Rush Lake POA are private roads and actively managed by the association.  Services include grading, dust control and snow removal.

Rush Lake

The RLPOA actively manages water quality and lake improvement efforts for our 130 acre spring fed lake.  


Key information:

The RLPOA actively manages maintenance of our three parks and boat launch.  Services include benches and tables, lawn maintenance, summer port a johns and dog clean up stations.

Three parks & boat launch

Important Rush Lake POA information:

Take pride in your home and your community!

Thanks so much to all of you who are properly maintaining and improving your homes and properties!!  We have noticed a lot of great improvements to many properties.  When you own a home in our association it is your responsibility to properly maintain your property including any bushes or trees by the roadside so that proper sight distances are maintained for your safety and the safety of others. Maintaining your property does not take a lot of money – keeping the grass cut, disposing of trash and junk in your yard, trimming bushes, painting, etc.  All of these things add value and safety to your home and your community. 

 Article III of our by-laws states (pertaining to this issue):

Section 1 (a) Disposal of Waste – All refuse and garbage must be carried off the subdivision. Each member shall be responsible for seeing that arrangements are made by owners or other occupants of the premises for taking care of these items.

Section 1 (e) Upkeep of Property – All property within the jurisdiction of this Corporation shall be kept free from tall weeds and underbrush by the owner thereof, and if the owner shall neglect or refuse to do so, same shall be done by a committee of the Corporation and the cost of such work charged to the owner of the property, except those lots which are impractical to cut.

Hamburg Township zoning regulations regarding blight also apply to all members of our Association.  If your neighbor has garbage/junk/non-working or unlicensed vehicles/other unsightly items in their yard you can file a complaint with the township (this can be done anonymously).  The board would like your help in filing complaints for these code violations in your individual neighborhoods.  The board members cannot keep up with all of the issues – we all are volunteers and we do our best, but we can’t do everything without help from the community.

We will post the Hamburg Township ordinance dealing with blight issues on our website and a copy of the form to fill out and submit to the township. To access a PDF of the ordinance,
please click here.

To access the blight form, please click here


Rush Lake property owners are advised that DTE offers tree trimming services.  If you have tree limbs that are in the proximity of your electric lines, please contact DTE for their services.

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  • Monthly board meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month in the Hamburg Community Center.                             
  • Hot line  734-878-0340                       
  • Email contact:                   
  • Annual dues payment deadline is April 30th.                                           
  • Emergency # 911                             
  • ​Hamburg police   517-546-9111        
  • Hamburg fire 810-222-1100