Important Rush Lake POA information:

The 2019 annual dues billing statements have been emailed to all property owners who have given us their email address. All other property owners will receive their statement through the USPS.  Dues are to be paid by April 30, 2019. Delinquent property owners face additional fees, potential liens, and potential collection agency follow-ups. 

There is an open position on our board.  Responsibilities include attending the monthly meeting and assisting with projects around the association.  If you would like a board member to contact you to answer questions, please email

Important updates from January 9th board meeting:

On Wednesday, January 9th, the board conducted the first business meeting of 2019.  The primary focus was to review current account balances and to approve the 2019 expense budget. Treasurer, Peggy Pietras presented a budget based on the expenses over the last three years.  She shared that our account balance in 2018 had turned positive due to the collection of several delinquent accounts. There was a lengthy discussion on the status of delinquent accounts.  Recent letters sent with "notice to lien" warnings had resulted in two property owners paying their past dues amount. Currently their are 47 properties delinquent. A list of those property addresses may be found by clicking here.  Our association clerk advised us that 24 new delinquent properties would be sent to our Farmington Hills collection agency by mid_january. 

The next board meeting will take place on March 6th, 2019.

The RLPOA actively manages maintenance of our three parks and boat launch.  Services include benches and tables, lawn maintenance, summer port a johns and dog clean up stations.

All dirt roads in the Rush Lake POA are private roads and actively managed by the association.  Services include grading, dust control and snow removal.

Rush Lake

The RLPOA actively manages water quality and lake improvement efforts for our 130 acre spring fed lake.  


Key information:

  • Monthly board meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month in the Hamburg Community Center.                             
  • Hot line  734-878-0340                       
  • Email contact:                   
  • Annual dues payment deadline is April 30th.                                           
  • Emergency # 911                             
  • ​Hamburg police   517-546-9111        
  • Hamburg fire 810-222-1100 

Three parks & boat launch