Important Rush Lake POA information:

The semi-annual general membership meeting will take place at the Hamburg Community Center, October 2nd 7:00 pm.

In addition to reports concerning lake treatments, road maintenance, the parks, etc. there will be a special by-law change vote that will affect 49 members residing in Moon Shadows. This by-law change will be discussed and voted on at the meeting.

All Rush Lake Property owners should be made aware of the upcoming October 2nd meeting and vote to change our by-laws regarding an annual dues increase to add financial resources for additional algaecides and herbicides in the Moon Shadows canals.
Currently, there are three treatments in these canal areas and these treatments are paid for with the annual RLPOA dues collected.
However, at the recommendation of our contractor, Lake Pro, there is a need to give these canals additional treatments.
At the July 10th RLPOA board meeting, there was extensive discussion on the importance of having these additional treatments and the benefits to everyone in the community.
There are 49 property owners in Moon Shadows that are directly affected by this proposed by-law change and they will be eligible to vote.  If passed, the additional dues will be assessed to these 49 properties. 

Over the past several months, our new collection agency has collected $11,406.51 from 27 delinquent accounts.  However, there are still close to 70 delinquent properties. Court lawsuits will be filed against ten of these properties in our ongoing efforts to collect these past dues. The RLPOA board feels that our aggressive efforts to pursue these delinquent accounts are now paying off.

There are plans for a road grading and calcium chloride treatment to be completed now that the summer season is over. 

  • Monthly board meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month in the Hamburg Community Center.                             
  • Hot line  734-878-0340                       
  • Email contact:                   
  • Annual dues payment deadline is April 30th.                                           
  • Emergency # 911                             
  • ​Hamburg police   517-546-9111        
  • Hamburg fire 810-222-1100 

Three parks & boat launch

The RLPOA actively manages maintenance of our three parks and boat launch.  Services include benches and tables, lawn maintenance, summer port a johns and dog clean up stations.

All dirt roads in the Rush Lake POA are private roads and actively managed by the association.  Services include grading, dust control and snow removal.

Rush Lake

The RLPOA actively manages water quality and lake improvement efforts for our 130 acre spring fed lake.  


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